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Sweet Treats…

last Sunday i had a few sweet moments
while doing some paperwork
a few preschoolers randomly come into the office
and handed me some crafts they made
i was like aww…. so sweet

then during the second service
i was asked to read a story for the toddlers
while they were having refreshment
after the story i lingered for a while and was about to leave
a chubby little girl called out with her super sweet voice
“wait… wait…, don’t leave… i want to dance for you”
i was like aww… really…
she was eating the savory chocolate truffle rolls
and wanted me to help her finished it so she could do the dance
after she shared half of her portion with others
she decided not to finish the rest of her snack
stood up and swirled and danced for me
like a ballerina
a few of us were giggling gleefully at her sincerity and sweetness
oh what sweet treats i have had that day

Ahh, talking about sweet stuff
dentist office just called and wanted me to go for check up
kind of scare ‘cos i have been eating super sweet stuff
and haven’t been really taking good care of my sweet teeth
hope i won’t hear the word C-A-V-I-T-Y

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Cambodia memory…

it’s a treat to eat the above food at the local Cambodia restaurant here

we usually consumed these food after a strenuous hike

to gain back all the calories we burned

from those vigorous hiking



I had a chance to visit this country a few years ago

the children there could really sing

dance and pray their hearts out

they were eager to learn as well

i was assigned to teach in a mandarin tutoring class

and i chose this fun book that i brought titled

“I want to eat durians”

it’s about how all the animals hated the smell of durian

but after they tasted it they were addicted to the fruit

to enhance the learning

i went to buy the real fruit as object lesson

(people commented i looked like Pocahontas with that hairstyle ;p)

those durians were costly thus i only bought one

so thankful that the one i picked was very meaty

enough to share among the 20 plus kids

reminded me of 5 loaves & 2 fish story

this high school girl Chantel was my translator

she usually come to help at the center after school

i was thrilled to be able to visit Angkor Wat

learned about this historical site

through childhood textbook from long ago

one of my fond memories was dipping in this warm water

and listening to one of the missionaries shared

about God’s faithfulness in her life

she had cancer and both her breasts were removed

her medical advisor recommends her to come and soak

in the salty sea whenever she can for therapeutic purposes

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ding dong
this humble little blog is turning one today
and here’s the first post from a year ago

to celebrate the anniversary i’ll post something down to earth which just happened recently…

a few of my gleeful friends just love to laugh at people…
they usually have quite a LOL feast when gather ’round
oh no! this time the target is me… what’s go around comes around *yikes*

see, they were flipping through old photo albums from like 20 years ago
and spotted an “old aunty” which was yours truly thus burst out laughing…LOL-ing over my once appearance & popular hairdo…*SOB*

hey, didn’t ya know it’s poor camera angle? *GRIN*

see this one, same hairdo ’round the same time but with different angle shot… the twin towers were still around then *sob*

anyhow, my dear friend Kel disliked me with short hair
during our younger days every time i came back from the salon
she would “lecture” me saying
“how many times must i tell you not to cut your hair so short”
i was like… what to do… hairstylists in general just loved trimming my hair away
and if i didn’t open my eyes & stop them, wah, i might have gone bald!

anyway, hope she’ll be delighted with my present hairdo… 20 years later ;p

guess it’s time for another hair chopping escapade to celebrate my blog’s one year old 😛

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I was listening to some songs from youtube and this particular YT-link caught my attention.

The content of the lyric reminds me of… Song of Solomon 2:7; 3:5; 8:4.

“Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you,
by the gazelles and by the does of the field:
Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires”

The repeated verse must be a sacred calling urging one to wait on God’s kairos regarding one’s love life.

I adore deer esp charming gazelles and graceful does!

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Gossip Girls…

bbf #1 called last night
asked if i had “anything” to tell her
i was like what did she want to know
canucks lost, what else?

But then she was insisting…
“are you sure you have nothing to tell me?”

i was thinking hard at what she was trying to get at…

apparently she heard from the grapevine
that certain J went to a party and brought along a bf

i was like yeah i went to a few gatherings recently
but with a bf?

but bbf #1 wasn’t convinced
after hearing more details of her gists
i told her aiya it could have been a misunderstanding lah
‘cos the person that brought a bf to the said party
could be another “J” from our church

bbf #1 still cannot be convinced…
earlier she even called up bbf #2 of ours
hoping to get some juicy news of me


when bbf #2 heard the inquiry from bbf#1
she assumed that surely yours truly had striked a match at e-harmony
thus bringing Mr. e-harmony to the said party… behind their back!

sounds like this juicy rumour of me is spreading like wild fire

oh, those gossip girls…

oh well, there’s no point in teasing back and forth

so i told gossip girl #1 to go back to her source and investigate further

true enough… it was the other “J” whose having a new found relationship 🙂

*Phew* the gossip was finally put to a stop!

there… we’re eyeing on Don Taylor, the hottest sport commentator in town…

but he just refused to look our way 😦

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High View of God

Whenever i encountered eagles i would think of God
for He loves to use eagles as metaphor
to remind us of His deep relationship with us

there are more than 20 references on eagles in the Bible
and the following is one of my favorites from Deuteronomy 32
talking about He will never let go of His children.

10 In a desert land he found him,
   in a barren and howling waste.
He shielded him and cared for him;
   he guarded him as the apple of his eye,
11 like an eagle that stirs up its nest
   and hovers over its young,
that spreads its wings to catch them
   and carries them aloft.
12 The LORD alone led him;
   no foreign god was with him…

the following is a sharing by one of my guest-bloggers, Legolady888, on her recent intimate encounter with the Almighty God


Praise be to God who is our Provider and Redeemer! He never fails to provide for all of our needs as our lives are a testimony of it. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. What a relief!!

Yesterday, i spent the day in the hospital for a surgery. I had heavy menstrual flow for many years now and only recently that it has gotten much worst so i decided to see the doc about this. She referred me to a gyne and i met her for the first time two days ago. She was very thorough for she spent an hour talking and examining me. After examination, she realized that the fibroid that causes the heavy bleeding was already out of the uterus making its way down my vagina so she decided to cut it out. I was really surprised that the surgery can be arranged so fast. as we all know our Canadian medical services most popular word is WAIT.  Even my friends were surprised. This could only be God’s provision.

I was in the hospital by 10am. Initially the doc wanted to keep me for a night as my hemogoblin was at a low of 70, normal was a 100 and higher, low of 60 would require blood transfusion; but the surgery went very well and not much blood was lost so i was kicked out by 2:30pm. I thought an overnight stay would be great but God knows better. I really don’t need the headache.

Throughout this whole procedure God’s peace was ever with me. I know i am not alone, He is with me. Studying the book of Isaiah has helped me to have a higher view of God. He is huge, vast, incomparable.

For “He has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand” Isaiah 40:12;
and “Nations are like a drop in a bucket” Isaiah 40:15;
“He stretches out the heavens like a canopy” Isaiah 40:22;
and “Heaven is His throne and the earth is His footstool. His hand had made all these things, and so they came into being” Isaiah 66:1-2.


It boggles my mind to think that such a huge, big God would even care for the little details of my lives. The only explanation I could think of is His great, enduring love for me.  I am doing well now. slept too much during the day as i had anaesthesia.

*majectic eagle pictures  taken by Mr. Brian Tam on April 2011 during eagles’ nesting season.

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Sunny Happiness

here comes the sunshine…

ps. my blog model Elegant Elaine is busy with her study and high school graduation; that is why these days there is no pic of her; we should be able to post more of her soon with her pretty prom gown etc, stay tuned!

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The Tourist

the other day a few of us had a get-away at a resort in the States

my only wish was to soak in the outdoor jacuzzi

it was drizzling outside

after dinner some of us went ahead and plunged into the steaming tub anyway

due to rain we all wrapped our heads with the beach towel

and it was pretty hilarious seeing each other in a “turban”

we had fun chatting away in the steaming outdoor jacuzzi

in the rhythm of the falling rain

i felt happy and i felt like a tourist

later that evening we picked The Tourist  to watch

since the movie was filmed in Venice

i so wanted to “revisit” the tourist spots

i quite enjoyed this little cute movie

Angelina Jolie looks princessy, regal and elegant

and the scenery in there brought so much memory…


Venice has a special place in my heart since childhood

all because of a huge painting of a gondola on a textbook 

that drew my attention

and i wished then that i would love to visit Venice one day

and ride on the gondola on the Venetian lagoon

and be serenaded by the gondolier


years later my wish to visit the ‘City of Water’ came true 

here’s an anecdote of my Venice excursion…  

my traveling companion knew that my one sole desire in Venice

was to ride on a gondola 

before embarking on the vessel we had a couple of hours to kill

so we visited the museums, the Square, the Rialto bridge,  the curiosity shops etc

and had THE best gelato ice-cream ever at the Piazza San Marco (St. Mark Square)

when the time came for the romantic gondola tour

i vividly remembered we had to meet at a certain place

at a certain time for the cruising…

and i waited for closed to 45 minute but there was no sight of my tour group

i started to panick and thought

 “O oh… could i be at the wrong place?” *NOOO!!!*

another hour passed by which seemed like ages

and i finally saw my group coming towards me

in time to join another boat tour  to the colorful island of Burano


everyone was wondering where was i

and i felt so embarrassed for remembering the wrong waiting spot

and so very sad that i had “missed the boat”

but… but… all things have its blessing in disguise

while being a lone tourist for a couple of hours

i got to enjoy other fun sight and sound of this lively city…

here’s a common sight of how merchants transporting their goods from the boat to the stores as there is no van or trucks in this ‘City of Water’ except pedestrains

while watching everything gorgeous happening around me

and listening to the operatic singers serenading their clients

suddenly there was a big bang on the water near where i was

it’s a boat accident in this oh so narraow canal

a motor boat crushing onto another boat

and bumping other gondolas which cause one gondola to almost tip

it was quite a sight to see   

how the  gondoliers had to suddenly stop their loud operatic singing halfway in the air

and quickly maneuvering their individual huge vessels

while engrossing with the commotion

suddenly there was this super loud honking behind my back 

and as i turned around and this was what i saw… i was like wow…

a Cruise ship in the midst of all these boats, gondolas, motorboats, ferries etc

even though this toursit had missed her once in a life time gondola ride

she better not miss taking a snapshot with the gondolas

which she was so fond of since childhood 

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Passionate Peony

It’s May and flowers are blooming everywhere
adding happiness and colors to our world

huh, i think i am getting pretty romantic these days
i started to noticing and enjoying flowers
and eager to find out the individual species
i think my interest in flowers started a couple of months ago 
when i attended a session on enjoying flowers over a cup of tea —
mixing tea leaves with certain flowers petals
to produce flavorful fragrance drink

i think the month of May is associated with flowers
hence the word “May” Flower
i do have sentiment towards the word 
first thought that came to mind was the famous vessel that brought
the Christian pilgrims into the land of America (European colonization);
when i was touring the British Isle we had the chance
to visit the historical harbor in Plymouth, England
where the vessel “Mayflower” set sail for America
another reason i am fond of the word “May flower”
is because it has something to do with my belated mom
my mom was borned in “May” and her name has the word “flower” in it

talking about May and flower
the most anticipated dazzling flower i looked forward to is peony ( 牡丹)
i always thought that peony is an imaginary flower
seen paintings and prints of them everywhere
in Chinese scrolls, books, restaurant, Chinese Cheongsam

when i found out that the flower is real
i was like are you serious??

today is the last day of May
i finally had the chance to meet peonies face to face
oh what a sight
i was so dazzled by these passionate flowers

my face is big & wide but this flower is extra large!

peony the national flower of China

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