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Are you lonely?

Oftentimes I do feel lonely
Sometimes I don’t know how to articulate the feeling
Basically I just feel so lost

Then one day I came across Psalm 102 which aptly expresses my heart’s cry

‘I am like a desert owl
like an owl among the ruins
I lie awake
I have become like a bird alone on a roof’

Yes, that’s how I feel at times
lonely… like a desert owl

Once I received a note from a dear friend BL
What she wrote must be spirit-led in helping me to define “loneliness”

“… Don’t be discouraged if at times you feel plagued with loneliness.
We all do. For being human is being lonely —

a loneliness that invites us to find fulfillment not in our-“self”
but in God who makes possible communion and community.”

Another friend uttered that she likes “being lonely”

“Being lonely inspires me to write and to express the thoughts of my heart;
it causes me to draw near to God,
the One who satisfies our hearts’ every desire, and more…

Yes, in times of loneliness
I do thank God for His Omnipresence
and for bringing various people from all walks of life
to travel alongside me

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Taking a break…

Person A needed a break

so did person B

looked like everyone wanted a break

so off they went

to this land of wonder filled with

geysers, bubbling mudpots, steaming creeks, torquoise hot springs,

rushing waterfalls, steep canyons, coyotes roaming, bisons grazing, grizzly bears, elks

looks like these seven “wonder-filled” ladies enjoyed posing more than the sceneries

and had a wonderful break

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Pick me up…

I was feeling a bit down and needed some pick-me-up moments

and i thank God for transporting me to this ascetic-liked place
that brought me peace and tranquility…

and hearing God’s voice through Isaiah 49:16a
“See, I have engraved you on the palms of My hand”

my spirit lifted up… like the clouds

my soul refreshed… like the sprinkling of the waterfall

i thank God for this pick-me-up moment
for in this solitude reflection
i learned again to accept life’s up and down
with humility and with grace
and was rewarded with this…

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