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Leaping for joy!

Today is a “leap day” and here’s something that makes me leap for joy!

I was chatting with a comrade  and she suggested I should post more of our Godly Play teaching experiences here at Janiecross.

I used to post a few of the lessons up but somehow didn’t get around to do it further.

Creating this Godly Play room has brought me tremendous joy.

I recalled when I was scouting for a place to suit this program, there was no room available.

Then through much head thinking and physical labor, I was able to create a space just perfect for a godly play-ground!

I remembered praying fervently in the room and claimed it to be Holy Ground and that the leadership would grant us this sacred room.

Many major stories of God and object lessons from Genesis to Revelations are displayed and well utilized by children and teaching team in this room.

Thank God for answered prayers and for the many creative and available people who helped with  BTS tasks!

It has taken our team four years to build this room up to what it is today;

and we rejoice in seeing how God has built those children and teachers up in their faith journey through this approach of  encountering Him.

Until next time!

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Heaps of Fun!

I haven’t seen my little friend for a while and she has grown to become so chatty !

We skyped  the other day, the minute she saw me on the screen, she raised her hands up, squealed with glee and exclaimed: “It’s Janie!  It’s snowing!”

I giggled so much at her wit & adorable-ness!

The reason she associates me with snow was because a couple of months ago while visiting here, we went up to the snow mountain together.

It happened to snow  heavily on that day and my little buddy was elated to see snow for the very first time and had a blast playing on those heaps of snow with her family and aunties.

I wonder if this little cutie likes to join me next time…

for this snow adventure!

Yup, it’s snow camping!

& heaps of fun!

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Easy breezy…

While cleaning the shelf, I came across this notebook. No, it was not a record of my ballet lesson but were anecdotes of my snowboarding experiences.

I used to consider snowboarding an extreme sport which I would never have attempted.
But a few die-hard snowboarding buddies kept nudging me on… they said once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy breezy.

There are many fun aspects to snowboarding especially when one is cruising down the slope with avid snowboarders.

As I flipped through the pages of the notebook, I noticed there weren’t much about the trials and errors of my snowboarding experiences ala tumbling down the slope and crushing myself badly.

Instead they were filled with statements like…

– wow, it’s calender-perfect scenery, breathtaking…

– the majestic, grandeur and handiwork of God is just so amazing

– hush, I could hear the sound of silence

– oh my, what a wilderness experiences I have had

– I felt like I’m soaring like an eagle

– lively weather… chilling air & feather-liked snow blowing on my face

– the solitude on top of the snow-capped mountain is sacred

– at times, on the drive up the slippery mountain road encountering misty and foggy weather with limited visibility, I could feel like how Moese felt on Mount Sinai, being emcompassed by the glory and the presence of God!

In the notebook, I even journaled that I brought my late mom up the snow mountain… she was’t snowboarding of course ;p for while I hit the slope, mom stayed in the toasty cafeteria knitting away.

Snowboarding has definitely brought me much courage and determination.

Yes, once you get the hang of it, it’s easy breezy all the way!

Eric Liddell states: … When I run, I feel the pleasure of God.

And yes, that is exactly how I feel —
When I glide down the snowy slope, I do feel the pleasure of God!

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So… You Think I can Cook?

I went to see the doctor for check up and the doc wanted me to lose xx pounds by eating less and exercising more.

But, but…  a  few friends had been talking for months about coming  over for food so I cannot lose weight yet!

We finally had an impromptu gathering.

And so we ate…

and ate…

and drank…

and ate…

and ate!

And of course, in between those foodie goodie, we managed to squeeze in some dvd workout to heed the doctor’s advice on… you know —
weight watching!

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February Landscape…

It’s February and the landscape on this side of the planet…

leafless brown trees,

bare brown branches,

muddy brown road with potholes everywhere,

and the weather… hmm… pretty gloomy.

But on the way to lunch today,

I spotted a beauty out in the barren landscape… how inviting!

I stopped and soaked in this serendipity moment.

Ahh, a sure sign that Spring is in the air!

I was curious to know what plant it is that blooms so sweetly at this time of the year.

So I went to a nearby Nursery and showed the pictures to the horticulturist.

I was told that this fragrant blossoming shrub is called Pink Dawn Viburnum.

Today is Valentines Day and a friend sent me a flowery  greetings —

“Friends are flowers in the garden of life.”

Oh how lovely!

Happy Valentines!

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Grandma’s Home Remedies…

Today is the first day of Feb and here I am so sick in bed 😦
I hardly get sick but when I do,  it’s usually unbearable.

I am not ready to go and see the doctor yet for I prefer to try out some “grandma’s home remedies” first before stepping into the clinic.

Since I’ve dehydrated so much these two days,  this recent home made honey lemon juice just come in handy to boost the immune system;

This one another much needed comfort food!

I love grandma’s home remedies for they often nurture my soul and spirit.

A couple of months ago, while visiting my family back home, I caught a bad virus.   My siblings wanted to take me to the doctor but I dragged going so they eagerly provided me with various remedies in hope to ease my suffering.

Green bean and barley to cool my body down.

Glucose as my body was dehydrating and need sugar

Sour and salty plum to enhance my taste bud

Despite all those comforting food, I finally was sent to the oriental acupressurist for some massage to get rid of the heaty stuff in my body and amazingly I was fully recovered the next day.   Ahh, if only my family would top those goodies with a massage, I could have been just fine ;p


Other than craving for all these childhood goodies on my sick bed, I would usually listen to some christian music to calm my body and spirit down and pray for God’s healing touch.   One song that  minister to me  greatly today is the familiar hymn  “Amazing Grace”.  The singer ends the song with “Jesus, You ARE my Amazing Grace!”

My sickness is not getting any better, I might just have to go consult the doctor tomorrow, I wonder if the doc would tell me to drink lots of fluid and get rest…

How about you?  When you are sick in bed, how do you deal with your sickness?

What type of grandma’s remedies have you tried?

Or you just run straight to the professional for help?

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