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She’s Fit?

For physical training is of some value,
but godliness has value for all things,
holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.
I Timothy 4:8

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This is the famous Independent Pass.

It is scenic-ly beautiful!

This is the super-scary, winding, curving and twisty narrow path that Carmen drove with gusto to get us up here.

Carmen told me that when I fly over the Rocky Mountains, I must take some spectacular scenery of the snow-capped mountains.

I could picture in my head the gorgeous scenery from a bird’s eye-view, of course, I would snap away all the spectaculars!

Before heading to the airport, we decided to stop by the roadside to play with water.

OUCH, what’s that?  The water is super-hot… like over 100°F!

Ahh…, it’s a hot spring — a REAL natural one!!

Believe it or not, people were waiting in line by the highway to get into the hot pool.

Hmm… if I wasn’t rushing for the flight, I would for sure stand in line for this rustic experience.

Arrived the airport and suddenly it was raining dogs and cats.

We were cooped up in the plane for quite some time before taking off .

The pilot announced that, for safety reason, we needed to wait for the thunderstorm to pass by so that they could fuel up for the plane.

Once up, I was so eager to have a bird eye-view of the  magnificent snow-capped rocky mountain high, but… where art thou?

Nonetheless, I thanked God for a safety journey home when the plane did the final touchdown after my wonder-filled high desert and rocky mountain trip.

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Go Beyond

I was helping  a friend in her summer school program called Calaway Opportunity Project.  The program is funded through the partnership between the School District and a local philanthropist  in their area.

The slogan: “Go Beyond –  Enter to learn and Exit to lead”.

One of the subjects that my ‘amica’ teaches is Latin language.  Many think that Latin has become a lost or extinct language.

Since most of her students are Latino, she wanted the children to explore into the beauty of their mother tongue, its originality and how the language has influenced very much the everyday English vocabulary and usage.

The ‘discipulus’  were up for the challenge and had a great time learning about their mother tongue through the innovative teaching from the ‘Magister’.

I hope to share some of their in-class creative learning soon.

As I interacted with the children, I noticed that these kids have a very strong sense of community supporting and looking out for each other even at this young age.

A few students shared their difficult experiences in settling into a new school and a new culture.

Thus, whenever there are new faces in the class, they can empathize with their struggles and would eagerly reach out to help the new friends feel fit in and learn.

These kids has definitely know how to go beyond their comfort zone to care for their peers!

Their teacher had set a great example to care as well by taking off her yellow jacket and white blue sweater for the children as the ice rink was icy cold!

The children displayed great sportsmanship; I can sort of see olympians in the making.

天  ~ ‘tian’ in Chinese/Japanese means Sky;
Hence, Go beyond… for ‘the sky’s the limit’!

‘Go Beyond’ is a pilot project to enhance and increase the academic proficiency of a pool of 200 selected children. What an opportunity and gift that is!  Details on this exciting Calaway Project can be found here.

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Monastic Experience

Every new day Your glory unfolds
Filling my eyes with Your treasures untold
The beauty of holiness brings worship anew
My greatest love is You

Call me deeper into Your grace
The river that flows from the Holy Place
Wash over me, cleansing me through
My greatest love is You, Jesus


According to Wikipedia, Vigil (from Latin word: vigilia) means wakefulness).

It is a period of purposeful sleeplessness, an occasion for devotional watching.

Here, the Vigil starts at 4:30 A.M. daily.

Its a gathering for community prayer of listening to scriptures, spiritual readings and silent reflection.

Monks do not pray and meditate only,

they have to toil for their daily bread also.

Some monks are writers who provide great spiritual insights and revelations from God.

Some are ranchers and stockbreeders who raised charming horses and fatty cows.

Some are agronomists who farm corns, hays, fruits for jam, beehives for honey.

This is normally how a day is like in a  monastery

BTW, some monks are great at baking fruitcakes and tasty cookies.

Most of the “business transaction” in the monastery is based on honor system:

Like what this ryhme-y lady said: You got the money, you keep the honey!

After the Vigil, we dashed off to ‘Go Beyond’ project which I hope to share soon; Hasta la vista!

Came across an inspiring book ‘The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane’ which helps me to appreciate the works and ministries of monks even more esp during the Medieval times manuscripts translation and colorful stained glasses creation.

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Hang in there!

Hmm… hanging ’round this town and pondering what to do?

Hey, this one looks appealing so let’s check it out!

Ride on the 16 miles bike trail along the canyon.

Hiked this steep trail up the mountain.

Crossed 7 bridges.

and finally…

the mystical lake aka The Hanging Lake!

Hiked higher to be splashed and refreshed by the Sprouting Rock.

Time to head down and do more canyon biking alongside the rafters.

Phew!! Sure felt like I was doing a Summer Olympic Triathlon… instead of wading in the current, I was able to soak in the nearby hotspring after that long odyssey!

Thanks to “Pearl Hart” for this excursion and helping me to hang in there and persevere!

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I heart the word ‘Selah’.

I have come across this word more than a decade ago.

The word ‘selah’ occurs more than 70 times in the book of Psalm.

It comes from Hebrew and has several meanings to it.

The biblical translation of Selah means silent; pause and ponder; stop and reflect.

On this high desert trip with magnificient sky, selah moments were very much experienced.

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Under the Aspen Sky

Enjoy the soothing and gentle rustling leaves of Aspen tree.

Enjoy the concert under the tent.

Opps, it costs $75 to be under the Tent.

And under the Aspen tree, it’s free!

Oh look…

all eyes are watching!

But I am just thankful for real eyes to enjoy beauty under the Aspen sky…

This stunning view is reputed to be one of the most photographed scene ever.

The shimmering leaves of Aspen trees in the breeze is pretty spellbinding.

I’ll definitely be on the look-out for these graceful trees with their brilliant yellow-gold leaves glistening and fluttering in the air come this Autumn.

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Wild West Rodeo Town

Apparently this restaurant is always packed with people.

Regular costumers would leave their mugs here and retrieve them when they come back for meals.

While waiting, we enjoyed the wall mural painted by my friend’s friend.

Stanley is not only a painter but a writer as well.

Oh, the long wait for a table was worth the wait…

for that was indeed a happy meal!

Never knew Rodeo can be such a fun activity  to watch!

Barrel Racing: A rider on a horse attempts to complete a clover-leaf pattern around  preset barrels.

Team Roping: One rider attempts to rope the horn or head of the bull and the other rider aims to rope the hind feet of the bull.

Daily Ribbon Roping: A rider tries to rope a run-away calf and then his/her team would run after the bull to pull the ribbon out of its tail.

Bull Rider: Rider attempts to sits on  a large bull while it tries to buck off the rider.

Mutton Busting: Similar to bull rider except that this one is for children where the child is seated on the sheep and the sheep try to get the child off its back.

Calf Scramble:  One of the highlights for children where  calves in great number are released and  a bunch of children from the audience would go and run after the calves to pull the ribbons out of the animals’ tails.

And this is self-explanatory hide ride!

Yummy cowboy meals!

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Falls for Me

Anyone driving along Sea to Sky Highway would definitely enjoy this vista cliff!

On a good sunny day, one can see a handful of rock-climbers hanging on this granite cliff.

And for the less adventurous, there’s this great hiking trail behind the cliff to the summit.

Once at the top of Stawamus Chief, the panoramic view of the surrounding mountain ranges and the valley below are breath-taking.

Beside the cliff, along the highway, is this tumbling Shannon Falls.

I love waterfalls and had been wanting to do this “Falls-for-Me” trip along the Sea to Sky highway for quite sometimes.

How delightful it was to finally able to savor these beautiful falls in its uniqueness.

Shannon Falls

Brandywine Falls

Alexander Falls

Nairn Falls

and oh have we got a treat on this fabulous trip!

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Today in Sunday School we learned the meaning of

A Mari Usque Ad Mare

as seen from the Canadian Coat of Arms.

A Mari Usque Ad Mare comes from Latin meaning from “sea to sea”.

The motto is based on Psalm 72:8

“He shall have dominion also from sea to sea,
and from the river unto the ends of the earth”.

Here’s how we celebrated July 1st!

Prayer taken from “Heal our Land” booklet:

Heavenly Father,
You look down and see Canada.
You form the hearts of all and consider everything we do.
Forgive us for trusting in the prosperity of Canada
more than trusting in You.

We, as Canadian Christians,
repent on behalf of Canada for the sins that pervade our nation.
Lord, raise up a church in Canada
that reflects Your character
and displays the power of Your Sovereign Lordship.
Thank you that You reign over the nations of the world.
Thank you that You reign over Canada.
We rest in Your sovereignty today.
In Jesus’Name we pray, Amen!

Of course we remembered to bless and to pray for the First Nations,
and had fun learning about the mystery of Inukshuk!

Happy Canada Day to my two little friends as well 🙂

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