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I have always wanted to learn how to worship dance.
I do teach many action songs with the children in Sunday School; but not worship dance yet.

My journal entry on May 1st was:

Teach my feet to dance,
Teach my soul to dance,
Teach my spirit to dance,
and teach my heart to dance, Lord.

Amazingly, the next day (May 2nd), I received a newsletter from Messianic Dance Camps International promoting their annual dance camp at Malibu, I felt a tug at my heart.

Worship Dance camp? Malibu? What a combination; what an adventure; what an opportunity from the Lord!


People asked about my excursion to the dance camp.

It’s too amazing to be put into words; I needed to sink in the feeling, the rush, the excitement…one needs to be there to experience the extravaganza!


Anyhow, here’s an attempt at capturing the wondrous weekend:


I learned to twirl flags gracefully like a butterfly, swinging left to right and right to left (thankfully, I didn’t get spun up in a cocoon!).

I learned to handle the tinkling tambourine with gentleness and with rhythm.


I learned to do circle dance with great enthusiasm letting the circle hands and melodious music carried me away like a butterfly.


I also learned the elegant terms that described the dance steps… Debka, David, Ashrei, Klezmer, Miserlu.


Thanks to our wonderful worship dance instructors who passionately embraced us into the celebrative circle dance.


Our intensive dance camp included midrash teachings, a taste of Israeli Krav Maga, many creative and flavorful worship dances, live musical worship by artists whom I had never heard before… Corry Bell & Lev Shelo, Kendra Martin, The Lumbrosos, Zemer Levav.


Praise God for a time of tranquility.



And a great time of fellowship over food, and breathtaking scenery overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


This extravagant dance camp was like enjoying a cruise vacation on a paradise island!


One of the most memorable time was dancing at the beautiful bluff at Malibu.

I loved the feel of the soft and dried green grass tingling under my bare feet.

I enjoyed the breeze blowing through my hair and my clothes.

I delighted in the warm sun and the gentle wind kissing my face.

I was lost in wonder, gliding away, imagining myself as one of the characters from the Sound of Music.
pepperdine 2013 malibu bluffs

Praise be to Lord of the dance for the joy of twirling away at the bluff on the Wings of the Wind!


Praise God for training our feet to dance and to worship Him.


I have bought the above dance dvd to worship God and in hope to lead others to dance as the spirit leads.


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The flare-out dainty Lilac flowers (紫丁香) are eye-catching and inviting.


Lilacs come in various colors of white, purplish, baby pink, ice blue, which reflect different personalities, feelings, and taste.


Lilacs shrub is a plant of love lavished with glistened heart-shaped leaves.


The scent the flowers emanate is subtly sweet, light perfumey and fresh. I love to sniff at the lilac flowers; the inhaling of the floral fragrance, especially in the early morning with dewdrops, or spring raindrops dripping on the flower petals, is utterly refreshing and delightful.


This morning my work desk was surprisingly adorned with this aquarium of exuberant fragrant. Thanks to the nice gesture of the Sungawan family!  


The soft lavender Lilac flower brings back memory of a sweet time during my college years when my room-mate Renee and I painted our dorm room in lilac color. The gentle and calming effect of the fresh clean four walls gave us the incentive to catch up with our school assignments; and a great place for other dorm mates to cramp into our tiny haven for great hangout.


Lilacs bring me bliss! To me — the flower symbolizes pleasant friendship — friendly attraction, beautiful nature, and welcoming scent that fills the springy air.


Lilacs also remind me of a bridesmaid gown I wore years ago at a friend’s lilac theme wedding.  The colour I think really look great on me ^^

Janice in Wedding Soft 1

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