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Dandelions Fuss


Some people get irritated by dandelions but I am always delighted to stumble upon these bright and beautiful weeds, and I love to “fuss” about it.

It must be the recent bountiful raindrops and brilliant sunlight that contributing to such profuse showy flowers that glitter at every corner of the streets.


The name dandelion came from the French word “dente de lion” meaning lion’s tooth, because the leaves resemble the jagged teeth of the king of the jungle.


Gazing at these smiley blossoms always brought a big smile to my face.

Whether they are in one stalk standing alone, gathered in a bunch like a bouquet, or scattered gleefully all over the verdant pasture, dandy dandelions are captivating to look at.


To bask in these delightful star-light blooming, one needs to stoop down, really low down, to see their shimmering hue against the glistering grassy green.


Some gardeners dislike these golden jewels hugging so tightly to their emerald green lawn, for they are considered as pests; whereas other gardeners know the strength of these price-less treasures. It is said that these weeds can break the ground and bring out the soil’s richness to the farmers’ olive green fields.


When the stunning sunny bloom withers, it forms into a fanciful fuzzy ball that looks like a cotton lollipop which is yummy to look at.


The silvery gossamer balls crowning elegantly on the bared and naked thin stems are like alluring spherical bubbles waiting to be burst.



With just a gentle puff, the fuzzy feathery seed heads would instantly transform their brushes into magical miniature flying windmills dancing and floating in the breeze. A fascinating watch!


Since the field is still covered with the glory of dazzling gold and silvery dandelions, one must seize the precious moment to blow away fluffy dandelions fuzz and making secret wishes before the lawnmowers mercilessly come and bulldoze the amber weeds down.


Bees’ll buzz, kids’ll blow dandelion fuzz
And now I know what is all the fuss…


Bubbly dreamy dandelions fuzz in Frozen-land!

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