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IMG_8362 After a long week of work, I drove leisurely and excitedly through the highway and byway to my friend’s country home. IMG_8363 As I pulled in to the driveway, the narrow alley leading to the red barn was so inviting and calendar-like. IMG_8360 In fact the whole driving excursion was scenic, poetic and movie-like. IMG_8374 The next day we were greeted with a mild foggy morning with soft rain dancing in the air. I sat by the kitchen table looking out the peaceful farmland and listening to the uplifting worship music adoring the majestic God.

The sizzling sound and the aroma from the stove with buttered sauteed onion and fresh cut potatoes and sausage whetted my craving appetite. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the plate of deliciousness, a gourmet breakfast before me. IMG_8368 When all is eaten up and washed up, we went for a drive on this drippy wet morning. IMG_8418 We found a mysterious gem hideaway and we paused to reflect on the attributes of God in this picture perfect landscape in front of us. IMG_8423 The leafy branches over our heads point to us that God is our Shelter of life. IMG_8493 The chirpy songbirds and the smiley scarlet flowers whisper to us that God is our daily Provider. IMG_8466 The gentle flowing water direct us to Jesus who is the Prince of Peace. IMG_8543 The misty white cloud covered mountain resembles a smoked cover mountain help us to reflect the holiness of God. IMG_8400 The sight of a grazing deer brings to mind the soul longing verse: As the deer pant for stream of water so our souls long for God. IMG_8508 After the serendipity outing and a delicious bagel sandwiched with smoked salmon, avocado and cucumber, we were craving for more… IMG_8536 and we just have to indulge ourselves with huge scoops of creamalicious vanilla ice-cream over refreshing fruits and nuts to satisfy our appetite. IMG_8573 On this one fine spring day, we enjoy the presence of God upon us, besides us, surrounding us and being with us, IMG_8452 and we are overwhelmed! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNPTREz6FvE

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Sweeter than Honey


Ever since I sprained my back, I couldn’t do much outdoor leisure.
The tingling pain in my body slowed me down and I felt strained and bored.

In the midst of unhurriedness, I started to notice the beauty around me.


Normally I would rush out the door early in the morning and don’t pay attention to the surrounding beauty.

One morning as I opened the back door, I was taken aback by how the greenery in the backyard was decorated with cascading pinkish-white weigela.

I felt as if God was showering me with an enormous bouquet of flowers right in front of my doorstep. What a sight and thought to behold!


By slowing down I was not only able to enjoy the splendid display before my very eyes, I was also able to breathe in the aroma of the sweet smelling air.


The fragrance of the flowery shrub also attracted tons of busy bumble bees, dancing and buzzing around from dawn to dusk, enjoying nectar from the mini trumpet-like flowers.

The bumblebees slurping the delicious, juicy nectar reminded me of a verse from Psalm 19:11.


I thought that was a good object lesson to help children desiring God’s word…, we savoured honey and recited the sweet verse that had come into my mind that day I saw the busy bumblebees:
“God’s word is sweeter than honey, honey from the honeycomb”!


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The joy of swinging on a swing is captured precisely and brilliantly by this high school artist from my church.

I so enjoy riding on a swing, sitting on the seat and swinging back and forth and feeling the wind’s movement caressing my face and blowing my hair. What refreshing feeling!

Although without wings, I would often imagine myself being on top of the world thrilling, soaring like a bird in the sky when I swing on the swing. The sound of the blowing wind is a soothing lullaby to my ear. I feel so carefree and thankful for this simple joy experienced from such a simple activity.

Being on the swing helps me feel I am being cradled by and in the loving arm of God. It is as if God comes over and takes away all my burdens and worries of the day.

At this moment I cannot be on the swing due to an accidental fall that is causing me throbbing and uncomfortable pain. And these few days my routine consists of visits to the family doctor, acupuncturist, chiropractor and x-ray clinic. In the midst of all those anxiety and pain while lying on the examination table for treatment, all I could do is close my eyes and imagine myself being cradled in the loving arm of God. And I am comforted.


the artist & I

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Ocean to My Soul


I often encounter a surge of joy whenever I sit by a waterfall and rippling stream.
The thunderous sound of water hitting the rocks is so soothing to my soul.
There are no words sufficient enough to describe the unspeakable and uncontrollable joy when I am at this altar under the sky.


However, a couple weeks ago when I attended the Chris Tomlin Concert, I found the words to describe this “magical” feeling. Tomlin has many signature songs such as “How Great is our God”; Holy is our God, and one of his songs “Waterfall” captured my deepest feelings — the words I wasn’t able to express were summed up in a single worship song.

Now I understand when I sit by the running water and flooded with peace that surpasses all understandings, I know God meets me there.

His love is like a waterfall, running wild and free… and He is an ocean to my soul– what a majestic thought!


Next time I am asked about how I feel when I sit by a waterfall, I can simply say, listen to the song ” Waterfall”,


or even better, go sit by the water and experience its sacred silence.


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