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Blowing in the wind


Every so often we find ourselves enticed by a specific phrase or quote that speaks to us.

For myself, I was recently captured by this statement, “June is bike month.”

The phrase motivated me to pick up biking again.


See, after a couple of severe falls from the bike in the past, I was hesitant to get back on the peddles ever again; but the phrase has rekindled my passion of biking!


And so I picked up the bike and reliving once again the joy of biking.


It was truly a wonderful experience to enjoy blowing in the wind through peddling.


And over the past few days I have biked over 101 km.




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Left Behind


I had a dilemma…

A couple of weeks ago, I was at a faraway retreat and realized later that I had accidentally left two pairs of shoes at the campsite.

Since the place is quite far from where I live, I sort of made up my mind to not go back and get them.

After a few days of contemplating, I asked others for their opinion as to what I should do.

No doubt the majority thought it would be a waste of my time and gas – driving three hours just for those two pair of sneakers.

I knew jolly well it was not worth the time and effort either since I really didn’t care much for those footwears; but now that they were gone…, I started to have sentimental feelings towards them.


One early morning, I decided to follow my heart and took off to the faraway place to locate the runners.

I figured that I could treat this long ride as a mini vacation and not solely for the purpose of getting my possessions back.

The drive there was pleasant with mountain views, small towns and farmland.


After couple of hours, I finally reached the destination and reconnect with my beloved shoes.

They were left behind and now retrieved; they were lost, and now reunited with their rightful owner.

A great reason to celebrate at one of the First Nation Cafes!


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