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One in a Minion


The theme for our Children Camp was GP4U (God’s Plan for You) where we learned that God created us so we can have a relationship with Him.


We sang many uplifting songs to worship the Living God who created us.


Besides using the praise songs and Bible to share about life and faith stories,


we also demonstrated some captivating science experiments to reinforce the Bible lessons.


We played some fun activities to encourage friendship and team spirit.



We implemented enriching take home crafts to remind us of GP4U,

2. craft (10)

2. craft (12)

and that we are “one in a minion” (one in a million), whom God created to have a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.




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Oahu Outing


It never occurred to me that Hawaii could be such a fun place to visit — beaches, palm trees, toasty weather, pineapple plantation were all familiar having grown up in a tropical climate.


During the short visit at Oahu, I had an immensely wonder-filled time experiencing a whirlwind of activities on the Oahu island with my friends… from dawn to dusk… waking up to the gently sunrise and driving late thru the slipping sunset.


The plethora of hiking trails such as Diamond Heads, Punchbowl Crater, Tantalus and Pali Lookout, allowed us to explore the island in a bird’s eye-view; and we were swept away by the island’s natural beauty and ocean beyond.


We had fun trying to figure out which side of the island we were at, windward or leeward side, which many of us were so confused in our Physical Geography class during High School years.

Now we know — “windward” has more wind and more rain resulted in lush greenery; “leeward” has less cloud, less rain, hence dry and arid region.


Finger-licking good delicacies such as garlic buttered shrimps which we had one plateful after another from the truck stand, and sashimi tuna, spiced upped my islander experience.



The rich aroma of the macademia nut coffee at the macademia farm made me drool; the taste of the coffee was flavorful, just the way I like it.


The azure warm water by the beach was what I enjoyed the most! The “healing” water was so SPAtacular — the crashing waves were like jet streams in jacuzzi that helped sooth my back pain.

When we came across beaches with swelling waves, we would just dive right in. We playfully hopped from one beach to another with great excitement, just like kids in a candy store.


The local fresh produce from the stands on the roadside are so fruitilicious; In between beaches hopping under the sizzling sun, we stopped by the fruit stand and savored the various succulent fruits to quench our thirst.


We even had a platter of juicy prime rib and crispy chicken take-out from the famous Ray’s Cafe, and enjoyed the yummy food by the pristine and secluded Yokohama Bay before plunging ourselves into the gigantic rolling breakers.


On the last day, we had a grand exit — we were treated to a very entertaining show by award-winning hoola dancers under the breezy hawaiian sunset; and ended our Oahu outing watching a spectacular fireworks show right in front of the hotel, before exiting to the airport.


I had so much fun on my islander experience, wishing the days could have gone by slower…


Bravo to my gutsy girlfriends for such a gusty and breathtaking adventure in Oahu island.


And here’re the 4 glorious and gutsy islanders posing under the swaying tropical palm branches — Tzadik Katamar — flourishing like a palm tree (Psalm 92)!





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Double Rainbow


Just now as I looked out through the window, I saw a bright and golden twilight.
I hurried out the door so I could get a better glance at this autumn sunset.


To my delight, I witnessed not only one gorgeous brilliant evening light but a splash of colorful glow that graced the sky.


I waited in anticipation to see the radiance rainbow slowly blazing its way from one side of the horizon to the other.


I am thrilled that on this double ten (Oct 10), the sky beamed the earth with such fresh, vivid and splendid display of not only one, but a “double rainbow”.


And somewhere over the rainbow, I was brought to mind a poem that my friend Lynne penned once upon a time titled “The Rainbow Connection”


“Behold the rainbow that graces the dark skies after the rain!
It proclaims to me that peace and beauty can emerge
out of the ashes of strife and pain.
I watch the garden roses as they gaze at
the miracle that God has etched upon the canvas called sky.
With a watery smile, I cling close to my heart
the eternal promises of God, and bade the tears good-bye.
God always has a special way of speaking to me
through the “rainbow connection”
He embraces me with His love and comfort,
and provides me with clear direction,
The rainbow spells of His promises – eternal and true,
And of His great faithfulness, every morning new.

A distant thunder rumbled but I am not afraid,
The dreariness of life’s problems begins to fade.
As I contemplate upon the majesty and power of the Creator God,
And look at the magnificent colors of the rainbow,
and the simple garden sod,
I know it is God who causes all these to be,
I thank God for His tremendous love for me.
I thank Him for setting me free ~
Free from the bondage of iniquity,
Amazing love is His decree!

My lips begin to utter words of adoration and praise
I lift my hands in thanksgiving for His abundant grace.
He has given me all that I need – what more should I ask,
Save ‘neath the sunshine of His love I bask.

The colours of the rainbow are beginning to fade away
The clouds are breaking and giving way
To clear blue skies as the sun pierced the gray
My heart sings the tune of
“God will make a way, when there is no other way.”
~ Lynne Sayson ~


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