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A Colorful Journey


A friend from Colorado paid a visit to town and begged to see our fall foliage.

I thought, didn’t she come from colorful Colorado? Why did she still want to see OUR autumn colors??

She described the place that she came from was full of Aspen trees so everywhere she turns, it glistens only yellow.


Then I remembered that she used to live in Japan; isn’t Japan prominent for its fall season?

But she whined that where she used to live, only red Japanese maple trees were in bloom.


Sensing her disappointment with only one-colored fall seasons, I knew that OUR multi-brilliant colored autumn blooming would revitalize her spirit!

IMG_7695 (1)

During the days prior to her arrival, the weather was a downpour of autumn rain. But the day we headed out for our an adventure, it was dry and brisk; so our VIP was treated to the amazing colors in the open air.


When we drove by the leafy vistas blazing along the streets, my friend jumped out of the car, ran to the shimmering hue trees, and played hide-and-seek with the frolicsome fall leaves.


After visiting several fabulous fall foliage, we had an al fresco lunch by a thunderous rushing stream water left over by the autumn downpour.


As we headed to another park by the shoreline, this avid traveler noticed a narrow path leading to a small granite island; her eyes lit up and she wanted to run across the water.


Since it was low tide, it was safe to cross the stony path.


And of course, like any other adventurous and daring person, this athletic girl who ran half marathon not too long ago, trekked across the narrow trail and hiked up the steep granite slope like a mountain goat while I huffed and puffed, trailing behind her.


When she reached the top, she basked in the sun and absorbed the splendorous view of the sea and sky;


while I crouched against a big boulder from the exhaustion of entertaining her whole day long, chasing after the colorful fall.

IMG_7693 (1)

My chingu not only enjoyed snippets of yellow glory and flaming red that she had experienced in Colorado and Japan; she also savored splashes of leafy green, amber orange, scarlet red and mahogany brown of God’s exquisite and artistic creation!


And behind the glamorous blushing leaves, we emerged as radiant facial cream, silky hair shampoo and dazzling eye-wear models!


On this colorful journey during this autumn season, we also had a mini-reunion with our seasoned friends who not only look graceful but… youthful as ever — thanks to their our colored hair!

“… for the joy of the Lord is my strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

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CS has become such an avid birder; she would venture into the bird sanctuary in the countryside almost every weekend for bird watching and feeding. Without fail after her excursion, she would eagerly send pictures she took of her beautiful flying friends to her human friends.

The other day CS showcased yet another bird photo — this time it’s a junco, a stout little sparrow with black ring eyes.

Gazing at the photo of the sweet sparrow, JC instantly cheeped a two liner-poetry which even rhymed!

CS the birder, you are born to fly;
Your photography skill of birds has reached high sky!

CK came over and responded to the rhyme, she chirruped:
All the pictures you take remind us of God’s beautiful creation;
They truly speak to our hearts with great passion!

MC popped in and chittered:
Causing us to stop and worship
Our God, who desires our fellowship!

AC swinged by and chirped:
Junco, just a bird;
What honor to serve
His children
In such remembrance
Of Him!

CS, the photographer, a woman with few words who strongly believes that… a picture is worth a thousand words… couldn’t resist not to join in the chorus, she darted in out- of-nowhere and chattered:
It is to my great delight
To see the joy our birds of flight
Bring to our midst
Blessed bliss!

Another sparrow stand still and silently eyeing from the treetop, perhaps eavesdropping, I wonder what it would tweedle to its buddies about these lyrical ladies who chattered, chirped, chittered, chirruped and cheeped!


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