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My Fruity Friend


Yesterday was one of my friends birthday. I have known this friend since our kindergarten years; Let’s just call this friend my fruity friend.

We used to hang out from our elementary years and all the way till now. Apparently there is one thing that keeps pulling our friendship together, and it’s the tropical fruits!

Once during our secondary years, on a super hot day, this friend and I challenged each other to eat a whole gigantic oblong seeded watermelon. We cut the watermelon into halves and see who could finish the fruit first.

Knowing my passion for tropical fruits, a few years ago she and her husband brought me to an orchard to enjoy the varieties of the local fruits. I especially love the sweet honey-flavored rambutans and got to bring a big sack home.


This time when my fruity friend heard that I was going back; her family, during the the peak of the fruit season, stored up containers of fragrant durians, flavorful homegrown mangoes and rambutans in the freezer awaiting me to savor.


Furthermore, she also reserved the half of the longans on the tree for me, and warned her family not to eat the rest of the fruit further until I tasted it. When I arrived at her home, I was amazed to see so many appealing longans dangling on the tree. My friend wasn’t home but I was told that I could eat as many of the fresh fruit as I wanted! I didn’t dare to so I took only a small bundle home.

IMAG1670[2] (1)

A few days later when I visited her place again hoping to enjoy more of the fruit, the longans were vanishing from the tree. I was curious and my friend stated that when the family knew I had tried the fruit, they quickly consume the rest in no time!

I regretted not eating more of the hearty longans.


All those tasty fresh fruits definitely enrich our friendship further. ¬†Through her, many of our kindergarten friends were gathered to celebrate her daughter’s wedding and we had a marvelous reunion and rekindled our old friendships.





What a sweety fruity friend I have!


Happy Birthday & cheers to a fruitful friendship!!


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Before this February comes to an end, I would like to say a quick thank you to my fabulous family and fabulous friends for a Fabulous February.

This year, I went back to celebrate Chinese New Years and other special occasions in Asia; I had so much fun and many memorable times with my family and friends, and I felt so much…


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