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I am most alive when I am outdoors; I feel more happy… more free… and more me!

A group suggested to go hiking at Mount Baker National Forest; my heart… uttered with unspeakable joy!


On the day we headed to Mount Baker, the weather was exceptionally cooperative – not too hot and not too cold – a perfect day for a hike with a bit of autumnal breeze in the air to cool us along the way.


The amazing view up here was phenomenal — Everywhere we turned our eyes feasted on a bonanza of snow-capped mountains, vast valleys and glacier lakes.


The delightful folk song “Happy Wanderer” always rings in my ears whenever I hike:

“I love to go a-wandering along the mountain track,
and as I go I love to sing with my knapsack on my back…”


At times, these beautifully breathtaking views made me felt like I was in the movie scene from “The Sound of Music” where Julie Andrew roamed the open space on the mountain high and burst into: “The hills are alive with the sound of music…”.

The splendid scenery we pleasantly experienced under the clear blue sky was indeed lively!


The mesmerizing looming snow-covered Mount Baker and the towering jagged Mount Shuksan;


the blossoming alpine flowers that grow wild and free on the meadow that we stumbled across;


and the glistening emerald glacier lakes; — all proclaiming the splendor of their majestic Creator.


Their delightful echo, from the mountains to the valleys, must have caused many happy wanderers to slow down, admire the breathtaking nature, and be in wonder of who this great Creator might be.


“…Oh, may I go a-wandering until the day I die!
Oh, may I always laugh and sing, beneath God’s clear blue sky!”


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A Colorful Journey


A friend from Colorado paid a visit to town and begged to see our fall foliage.

I thought, didn’t she come from colorful Colorado? Why did she still want to see OUR autumn colors??

She described the place that she came from was full of Aspen trees so everywhere she turns, it glistens only yellow.


Then I remembered that she used to live in Japan; isn’t Japan prominent for its fall season?

But she whined that where she used to live, only red Japanese maple trees were in bloom.


Sensing her disappointment with only one-colored fall seasons, I knew that OUR multi-brilliant colored autumn blooming would revitalize her spirit!

IMG_7695 (1)

During the days prior to her arrival, the weather was a downpour of autumn rain. But the day we headed out for our an adventure, it was dry and brisk; so our VIP was treated to the amazing colors in the open air.


When we drove by the leafy vistas blazing along the streets, my friend jumped out of the car, ran to the shimmering hue trees, and played hide-and-seek with the frolicsome fall leaves.


After visiting several fabulous fall foliage, we had an al fresco lunch by a thunderous rushing stream water left over by the autumn downpour.


As we headed to another park by the shoreline, this avid traveler noticed a narrow path leading to a small granite island; her eyes lit up and she wanted to run across the water.


Since it was low tide, it was safe to cross the stony path.


And of course, like any other adventurous and daring person, this athletic girl who ran half marathon not too long ago, trekked across the narrow trail and hiked up the steep granite slope like a mountain goat while I huffed and puffed, trailing behind her.


When she reached the top, she basked in the sun and absorbed the splendorous view of the sea and sky;


while I crouched against a big boulder from the exhaustion of entertaining her whole day long, chasing after the colorful fall.

IMG_7693 (1)

My chingu not only enjoyed snippets of yellow glory and flaming red that she had experienced in Colorado and Japan; she also savored splashes of leafy green, amber orange, scarlet red and mahogany brown of God’s exquisite and artistic creation!


And behind the glamorous blushing leaves, we emerged as radiant facial cream, silky hair shampoo and dazzling eye-wear models!


On this colorful journey during this autumn season, we also had a mini-reunion with our seasoned friends who not only look graceful but… youthful as ever — thanks to their our colored hair!

“… for the joy of the Lord is my strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

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Double Rainbow


Just now as I looked out through the window, I saw a bright and golden twilight.
I hurried out the door so I could get a better glance at this autumn sunset.


To my delight, I witnessed not only one gorgeous brilliant evening light but a splash of colorful glow that graced the sky.


I waited in anticipation to see the radiance rainbow slowly blazing its way from one side of the horizon to the other.


I am thrilled that on this double ten (Oct 10), the sky beamed the earth with such fresh, vivid and splendid display of not only one, but a “double rainbow”.


And somewhere over the rainbow, I was brought to mind a poem that my friend Lynne penned once upon a time titled “The Rainbow Connection”


“Behold the rainbow that graces the dark skies after the rain!
It proclaims to me that peace and beauty can emerge
out of the ashes of strife and pain.
I watch the garden roses as they gaze at
the miracle that God has etched upon the canvas called sky.
With a watery smile, I cling close to my heart
the eternal promises of God, and bade the tears good-bye.
God always has a special way of speaking to me
through the “rainbow connection”
He embraces me with His love and comfort,
and provides me with clear direction,
The rainbow spells of His promises – eternal and true,
And of His great faithfulness, every morning new.

A distant thunder rumbled but I am not afraid,
The dreariness of life’s problems begins to fade.
As I contemplate upon the majesty and power of the Creator God,
And look at the magnificent colors of the rainbow,
and the simple garden sod,
I know it is God who causes all these to be,
I thank God for His tremendous love for me.
I thank Him for setting me free ~
Free from the bondage of iniquity,
Amazing love is His decree!

My lips begin to utter words of adoration and praise
I lift my hands in thanksgiving for His abundant grace.
He has given me all that I need – what more should I ask,
Save ‘neath the sunshine of His love I bask.

The colours of the rainbow are beginning to fade away
The clouds are breaking and giving way
To clear blue skies as the sun pierced the gray
My heart sings the tune of
“God will make a way, when there is no other way.”
~ Lynne Sayson ~


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Bursting with Joy


The weather is so gorgeous outside!


Basking under this shining and warm Autumn sunlight


enjoying the soft breeze of the cool Autumn wind


listening to the shimmering greenish turned golden leaves rustling on the branches


my heart bursting with joy!


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Happy Labor Day


So grateful that the whole country is having a holiday for my birthday ~~


Labor Day ~~ just happened to fall on my birthday this year!


Normally on my birthday, I like to spend time in solitude to reflect on life and on God.


But since a couple of friends were going on an outing, I tagged along.


The excursion was a canoeing trip with 3 people:
one with strong-muscled arms steering at the stern,
one at the bow paddling away,
and me, tucked in the middle of the boat
– leaning back, relaxing, meditating, closing my eyes…

nah, with eye open wide enjoying the breathtaking scenery.


I was so glad, since it was my birthday and its Labor Day, one definitely needs to let go of all work to sit back and relax, what’ a life!

IMAG2757 - Copy

In the midst of paddling, due to the low level of water of the tidal lake, our canoe almost got stuck on the bottom of the slough.


Quick(I was thinking in my heart), somebody please jump off and push the canoe to prevent it from sinking. Since it was my birthday, I thought I could just sit still and let the rest figure out what to do.


to my dismay, there was no hint of anyone wanting to get up at all to do the laboring! With no option, this birthday gal finally come to her senses that she would be the one to drag her feet into the icy cold water and muddy slough to tow the canoe! The reason being that since the rest had done their share of laboring the strenuous paddling, someone got to take responsible for the other more important task, such as this:


Well, what supposed to be a 2-hr relaxing canoeing trip, ended up to be a 5-hr strenuous laboring! So on this Labor Day which happened to be my birthday, I had to labor by hopping off and on the boat, pulling and pushing the heavy vessel on the slough, like pulling a gigantic stubborn buffalo!


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Let’s Celebrate!


It’s the first day of December.



A friend invited me to her backyard for a wintry stroll to celebrate life outdoor.







How thrilling it is to be able to enjoy the outdoor again after months of being caged indoor cramming on a major school assignment which… I finally completed today!




Yes, let’s celebrate!





“My name will be great among the nations,
from where the sun rises to where it sets.
In every place incense and pure offerings will be brought to me,
because my name will be great among the nations,”
says the LORD Almighty. (Malachi 1:11)


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What a God!


Back to nature

T’was the last stretch of Autumn!

Children were sent outdoors to reminisce the wonderful creation of God. 


the warmth of the sun against the blue sky

the white fluffy clouds chasing each other

the colourful leaves dangling on the trees

the chirping birds upon the bare branches

the cool and crisp air tingling the skin

the gently falling leaves swirling in the air

the dewy green grass gracing the field

Ah, the scent of God!


What is God like?

What does nature say about God?

Why does God make things like this and like that?

Does God have a sense of humour?

Is He a creative God, an imaginative God, a fun God?

What kind of God is He?


Back to the Bible

Being outdoors allows children to discover God and be in wonder of Him; to feel His presence surrounding them and to experience Him in a free-spirit way.

From experiencing God through the beauty of outdoors, we dashed into the biblical world to hear what King David says about what God is like.  

King David has experienced God personally and intimately all his life so he knows what God is like.  

In his famous kingly praise and prayer (I Chronicles 29:10-13), King David reveals to us what God is.


He is the God of Israel.

He is from everlasting to everlasting.

He is great and powerful and glorious and majestic and splendid.

He owns everything in heaven and earth.

He is the Lord of the kingdom.

He is exalted as head over all.

Wealth and honour comes from Him.

He is the ruler of all things.

In His hands are strength and power

To exalt and give strength to all.

His glorious name is worthy of our thanks and praise.

Oh, what a God!


Back to pondering

After pondering what King David has ascribed about God, children contemplating who God is to them.




Knowing that what they have come from God, children also contributed generously towards the Relief Fund for the Haiyan Victims in the Philippines.


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