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Everyday we are tied together with heartstrings, some we don’t even realize.

Heartstrings — it’s one’s deepest feelings normally attached to a relationship.


February is a special month to remember these heartstrings — to reflect, to appreciate, and most of all, to connect and re-connect.

First there is the Chinese New Year celebration with family reunion; and then there is Family Day, a provincial statutory holiday during this weekend.

Family Day allows us to celebrate heartstrings — whether it is our immediate family or our family in Christ.


What follow next is Valentine’s Day — the day to celebrate romantic relationships or treasured friendships; once again, tugging on our heartstrings.


Looking deeper into all our heartstrings, the centre and the reason of it all is Jesus Christ.

This “Valentine” bookmark reminds and solidifies our love with Jesus.

Because of Jesus, we are saved.

Because of Jesus we can have a heartstrings with God.


心弦 — 以基督的心为心


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A Bittersweet Memory



Best spot to witness the hub of the town –
with the hustle and bustle of people trading goods and services,
while others sipping on freshly brewed coffee or fresh cold tropical drinks
at one of the many coffee shops
and glancing up at the symbol of the cross every so often.


Best spot to enjoy the breeze from the palm leaves,
or mesmerized by, oftentimes, the glorious twilight.


Best spot to watch the night market come to life as vendors eagerly set up their booths with colorful clothing, bags, hawkers’ delights; awaiting shoppers to bargain at the endless merchandise and to savor the many delicious finger licking foodies.


Inside the place, we brainstormed and our ideas flowed; a simple make-over for the place was ignited. Through a couple months of strenuous work by my two dear friends & their fabulous team, a new face-lift for the hospitable dwelling place came to be.


After just two months of indulging in the freshly painted wall and the polished new flooring… then came the unexpected… which happened just two days ago.





*blazing pics courtesy of Borneo Post online & The Star online

Hearts torn to pieces staring in disbelief at this colonial-era shophouses — our nostalgic dwelling place, where six generations had built their families and memories — collapsed to shambles.


Though all materialistic good including daily simple clothing, that we took for granted, were burned to ashes;


we are thankful that our dear family members were able to escape from the inferno unharmed!


The “best spot” mentioned earlier is now cautioned as hazardous.





Lives were saved, and we are prayerfully waiting in anticipation for the rebuilding of the shelter that our ancestors had passed on for us to inherit.


Here’s one of the offsprings who represents the 6th generation in this estate.


詩 篇 Psalm 36:9

… 在 你 那 里 有 生 命 的 源 头 ;
在 你 的 光 中 , 我 们 必 得 见 光 。


For with You is the fountain of life;
in Your light we see light.

(Aftermath pictures taken by Mek & TKY)

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Kong Hee Fatt Choy


Been wanting to celebrate festive CNY back home for years and finally the wish was granted!


Had a super precious & prosperous CNY celebration with family & friends!






I used to be the receiver of angpow, guess who’re the recipients now 🙂

photo 3




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One of the antiques that our parents left us with is this biscuits container.

Whenever we went home for family gatherings, we would often gather ’round this tin can.

We gathered not to eat biscuits but to browse through childhood pictures which our parents stored in the can through the ages.

At times, the container was so stuffed with photos that the lid could hardly be covered.

As the years went by, those sepia photos were getting fewer and fewer.

For every once in a while, someone would sneak away a picture or two here and there of their liking ;p

The last time I went home, I eagerly searched for this treasure chest in hope to find some more oldies but the can is now empty and a bit tarnished.

I would love to inherit this rustic antique which holds such journalful of cherished memories.

Here are some pictures of our dad’s glamourous occupation at a local cinema once upon a time.

Whenever the movie stars came to town, for functions or to promote their films, my dad and his colleagues would fetch them  and keeping them company.

Because our dad worked in the cinema, we could watch movies for free all the times.

Our password at the entrance was ” I am a child of Mr. Chan!” thereby gaining us access to the VIP seatings in the building.

I didn’t know if it was because of my father’s occupation in the showbiz or me hanging out at the movie theatre too much, for when I was younger, I always dreamt of becoming an entertainer.

I admired child actor Shirley Temple and Maria the governess from the Sound of Music to bits, and wishing I could be like my child idol Agnes Chan one day!

Here’s one of my long lost & found rare childhood pictures — dreaming of becoming a superstar!

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A Surprise Visit

It’s all a surprised visit…

From the Christmas story we learned that Zechariah the priest had a surprised visit by Angel Gabriel telling him that he and Elizabeth would bear a child and they are to name him, John (Luke 1).

As well, Mary, Joseph & the shepherds had a surprised visit by angels at various times informing them of the birth of Baby King Jesus.

Recently, my family also had a surprised visit, not by an angel, but by a “cake”.
On the eve of my nephew’s wedding, the family went out for a family dinner.
Two of my siblings had to excuse themselves to go and pick up a “cake”.
Everyone knew that a cake was needed for the pre-wedding celebration.

An hour or so later, lo and behold,  my two sisters delivered the “cake” to the restaurant, all the way from their international airport.  Everyone had a surprised shock on the arrival of this speciality “cake” aka yours truly; the looks of amazement on their faces were priceless… huh, they were well-tricked!!!

the speciality "cake" fresh from the airport

Until now, my nephew, still feels giddy upon my surprised visit. The other day he wrote and wowed that I had really given him & his wife a BIG surprise!

Can you spy the “cake” in these 2 pictures ;p

Today in my hometown, another family celebration is going on… another wedding!

One of my nieces, whom I used to babysit and play with, has grown up and is a bride today!

I so wish I could be there to give her a surprise visit too…

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Feed me till I want no more…

Visiting hometown means Family, Friends & Food.

My family and friends are incredibly hospitable and generous towards my visit.

Now who can resist such platters of food presented right before one’s eyes;

they literally feed me till I want no more…

by aunty

made by sis-in-law

bobo chacha, acha, vegetarian popia by childhood friend

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I called home yesterday because it was my eldest brother’s birthday.

I wondered how old he was?

And he asked me to think ‘People’s Republic of China’.

Then I realized that he is as young as PRC.

The National Day of China is October 1 so is my brother’s birthday.


This brother’s name is ‘Boon’.

According to Dictionary.com, the definition of ‘boon’ is “something to be thankful for” or “blessing” or “benefit”.

And the word ‘Boon’ comes from the Old Norse word bōn meaning “a prayer.”

Big brother had a minor stroke many years ago.

On this special day of his, I blessed and prayed for God’s healing to be upon him.

I prayed that he will believe that there is no god truer than God, no god greater than the Great I AM.

This month I’ve also set aside each day to pray and bless each individual person in my family.

Jesus reigns!

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