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The Christmas Present

“Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents…” ~ that’s the opening line from the classic book “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott; and the latest adaption of the movie will be screened throughout the cinema on Christmas Day this year.

During this festive season, our Ladies group is doing a meaningful glistening winter wonderland project as a deco for each household. Proceeds from the craft expenses will be presented as a Christmas gift to the local cancer research organization.

The white stuff that we pour into the jar is to remind us that God who is holy longs to have a relationship with us and that He cleanses us from our sins. ( Isaiah 1:18 “Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.)

The nativity scene helps us to focus on Jesus Christ during the CHRISTmas season.

Then we decorate the neon light to remind us that Jesus Christ, the Light of the Word, gives us Hope, Peace and Joy.

And I am looking forward to open my Christmas present…

which is to go and watch the movie “Little Women” on Christmas Day!

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Morning sun is like a love letter in the sky; oh how lovely and poetic!

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Firework Pageants


Fireworks display is appealing and can often be seen on special occasions such as the Olympics, National holidays and the New Year countdown.

During the Lunar New Year celebration, one of the highlights for this festive season is definitely the dazzling fireworks display.

In my hometown, this is how people usually celebrated after a big feast on New Year’s Eve at 12 midnight — showing off the fireworks splendor.

Many households excitedly and simultaneously light up the town with firecrackers and fireworks.

Neighbors tend to compete with each other to see whose firework is more splendid.

It’s thrill to be in the midst of the pageant and to watch the glowing and sparkly lights flying everywhere!

And here’s an amazing aerial view of the firework displays from the past weekend CNY celebration:

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Merry and Bright


Medellin is famous for its Festival of Lights display during the Christmas holidays.


We had a merry night out enjoying the bright lights that illuminated the city streets and parks.


The colourful lights that adorned the whole city of Medellin reminded me of that One Holy Night —


the glorious beams from the heavenly hosts that shone on the shepherds in the field (Luke 2)
and the special bright star of Bethlehem that the wise men followed (Matthew 2)


— they all point towards the Great Light — Jesus — who is the Light of the world.


Jesus replies: “I am the light of the world.
Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness,
but will have the light of life.” John 8:12


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Double Rainbow


Just now as I looked out through the window, I saw a bright and golden twilight.
I hurried out the door so I could get a better glance at this autumn sunset.


To my delight, I witnessed not only one gorgeous brilliant evening light but a splash of colorful glow that graced the sky.


I waited in anticipation to see the radiance rainbow slowly blazing its way from one side of the horizon to the other.


I am thrilled that on this double ten (Oct 10), the sky beamed the earth with such fresh, vivid and splendid display of not only one, but a “double rainbow”.


And somewhere over the rainbow, I was brought to mind a poem that my friend Lynne penned once upon a time titled “The Rainbow Connection”


“Behold the rainbow that graces the dark skies after the rain!
It proclaims to me that peace and beauty can emerge
out of the ashes of strife and pain.
I watch the garden roses as they gaze at
the miracle that God has etched upon the canvas called sky.
With a watery smile, I cling close to my heart
the eternal promises of God, and bade the tears good-bye.
God always has a special way of speaking to me
through the “rainbow connection”
He embraces me with His love and comfort,
and provides me with clear direction,
The rainbow spells of His promises – eternal and true,
And of His great faithfulness, every morning new.

A distant thunder rumbled but I am not afraid,
The dreariness of life’s problems begins to fade.
As I contemplate upon the majesty and power of the Creator God,
And look at the magnificent colors of the rainbow,
and the simple garden sod,
I know it is God who causes all these to be,
I thank God for His tremendous love for me.
I thank Him for setting me free ~
Free from the bondage of iniquity,
Amazing love is His decree!

My lips begin to utter words of adoration and praise
I lift my hands in thanksgiving for His abundant grace.
He has given me all that I need – what more should I ask,
Save ‘neath the sunshine of His love I bask.

The colours of the rainbow are beginning to fade away
The clouds are breaking and giving way
To clear blue skies as the sun pierced the gray
My heart sings the tune of
“God will make a way, when there is no other way.”
~ Lynne Sayson ~


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Glorious Day


Waking up on this brand new day to welcome the first dawn of 2015;
As I look up to enjoy the morning sky with the sun quietly rising in the east,
I suddenly notice a huge pearly white cloud formation, resembling a shimmering crown, appears majestically against the pale blue sky.


I am awestruck by the stunning image of the cloud-formation-crown which immediately points my heart towards Jesus, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.


What a glorious day to be mindful of who Jesus was, is and is to come.

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Festival of Lights


Reflecting the historical event of Chanukah by the Maccabees which the children learned in school as well as in the Sunday School.


Lighting the Advent Candles of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.


Celebrating the birthday of Jesus










Visiting Canyon Lights


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Star Songs

9th day of CHRISTmas


Twinkle twinkle little star;

How I wonder what you are?

Up above the world so high;

Like a diamond in the sky!

Twinkle twinkle little star;

How I wonder what you are?


Star of wonder, Star of night;

Star with royal beauty bright

Westward leading, still proceeding;

Guide us to thy Perfect Light!


How fun it is to paint the stars,

munching the sweet and the colorful;

And wonder if the songs on the lambent star could be…


Jesus, our Bright and Morning Star! (Revelation 22:16)

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Driedel and Chanukah


The first time I ever heard the word “driedel” was from the Messianic Dance Camp International.


Driedel (哈努卡陀螺玩具)is a traditional Jewish spinning top game usually plays during  Chanukah season.  It has four famous Hebrew alef Bet inscribed on it .  The letters are taken from the first letter of the phrase “Nes Gadol Haya Sham” which translates to “a great miracle happened there”.


The game looks fun and easy. Since ’tis the season for Chanukah celebration, we decided to explore this driedel game and the children seem to have great fun playing with this new game!

The rules of the game are simple and the meaning of the words are in Yiddish – a mixed language of Hebrew and German.

Nun – nisht meaning “nothing” in  Yiddish, player does nothing/skips a turn.

GIMEL – gant meaning “everything” — gets everything in the pot.

HEY – halb or “half” — gets half from the pot (one extra if odd number).

SHIN (or PEH) – stands for shtel, or “put in” — adds a piece to the pot.


Through playing with the driedel, we learned many interesting and historical accounts surrounding Chanukah:

-Chanukah is often celebrated with joy in Jewish Community around the world.

-the Hebrew word “Chanukah” means “dedication”.

-Chanukah is also known as the Festival of Light (光明節; 燭光節) and the Feast of Dedication (獻殿節); (re-dedication of the temple 修殿节).

-the Feast of the Dedication was also observed by Jesus (John 10).

-Judah Maccabee, from the family of priests, fought to recapture the temple of God and rededicated the Holy Temple which was defiled by the pagan invaders who oppress them.

-the great miracle is the miracle of the consecrated olive oil for the lighting of menorah, the golden lamp stand, which was sufficient for one day burning,  lasted for eight days.

-the dates of the Macabees was around the Second Century BCE (167–160 BCE).

– the eight day celebration for this year is from November 27 to December 5.

Here is a great one minute clip on the history of Chanukah.


During Chanukah celebration, children are given “gelt” (money) from the family. In general they are encouraged to practice generosity by donating some of their money towards “tzedakah” (an act of charity).  

The practice of giving gelt is similar to the oriental ways of giving money to children in a red packet during Chinese New Year or birthday celebration.


Sometimes the children are allowed to play the driedel game with their gelt, and the money won are to be used towards tzedakah. 


To commemorate the miracle of the oil, the Chanukah delicacies involve “oil” — eating latkes, deep fried potatoes fritters (土豆絲餅) &  sufganiyot, deep fried jelly doughnuts (無洞甜甜圈).  

Since Chanukah is oil-related, my creative craft sidekick and I decided to burn the midnight oil and rushed a special Chanukah project, not a cooking project though;p



We created our very own Chanukiyah (Chanukah Menorah) just in time to share with the Awana children on the rich meaning of this Festival of Light and the Feast of Dedication. 

Through the story, we are able to tie in and be reminded that Jesus is the Light of the World (John 8:12) and that we are called to be shining lights and sparks of Jesus.


 After the story, the children were encouraged to practice generosity by donating their “gelt” (Awana shares/coupons they earned over this semester) towards “tsedakah”– buying dried foods to be sent to the typhoon Haiyan victims in the Phillippines. 


Here’s another great read on Chanukah, the biblical feast, by Zion of Light.

Thank you “driedel” for teaching us so much about Chanukah celebration!




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Basking in the Dusk



Let’s go to the beach… to Tanjung Aru beach!








and basking in the dusk…








Psalm 113:3
From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets,
the name of the Lord is to be praised.

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