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Grandma’s Home Remedies…

Today is the first day of Feb and here I am so sick in bed ūüė¶
I hardly get sick but when I do, ¬†it’s usually unbearable.

I am not ready to go and see the doctor yet for I prefer to try out some “grandma’s home remedies” first before stepping into the clinic.

Since I’ve dehydrated so much these two days, ¬†this recent home made honey lemon juice just come in handy to boost the immune system;

This one another much needed comfort food!

I love grandma’s home remedies for they often nurture my soul and spirit.

A couple of months ago, while visiting my family back home, I caught a bad virus.   My siblings wanted to take me to the doctor but I dragged going so they eagerly provided me with various remedies in hope to ease my suffering.

Green bean and barley to cool my body down.

Glucose as my body was dehydrating and need sugar

Sour and salty plum to enhance my taste bud

Despite all those comforting food, I finally was sent to the oriental acupressurist for some massage to get rid of the heaty stuff in my body and amazingly I was fully recovered the next day.   Ahh, if only my family would top those goodies with a massage, I could have been just fine ;p


Other than craving for all these childhood goodies on my sick bed, I would usually listen to some christian music to calm my body and spirit down and pray for God’s healing touch. ¬† One song that ¬†minister to me ¬†greatly today is the familiar hymn ¬†“Amazing Grace”. ¬†The singer ends the song with “Jesus, You ARE my Amazing Grace!”

My sickness is not getting any better, I might just have to go consult the doctor tomorrow, I wonder if the doc would tell me to drink lots of fluid and get rest…

How about you?  When you are sick in bed, how do you deal with your sickness?

What type of grandma’s remedies have you tried?

Or you just run straight to the professional for help?

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A Hair-y Day

Some like it straight, some like it wavy.

Some like it long, and no one likes it short!

Ahh… too many conflicting voices regarding my hairstyle.

On the way to the salon

Heart thumping… for my hair is presently¬†at the mercy of the stylist’s scissors.

Snaps… chops… trims… thins… layers…

Ouch, my precious hair… ¬†scatter all over the floor.

Take a sneak peep in the mirror… pretty decent trim ;p

Today at church, the congregation was asked if they knew what the bible says about long hair.

No one responded and so the preacher teased that no wonder everyone has short hair.

He said¬†in biblical time esp in the Jewish culture, long hair¬†is the symbol of a woman’s glory.

I am delighted to hear that since my hair is pretty bountiful and long now which means I am experiencing the glory of a woman ;p

I rejoice that the very hairs of my head are being numbered by the Lord. (Matthew 10:30)

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Fearfully and wonderfully made…

Ecclesiastes 3

1 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:
2 a time to be born and a time to die…,

On my birthday, I usually meditate Psalm 139 to remind me of who I am…

And usually on this day, I would call my mother up and ask if she remembered this date and what’d happened xx years ago.

She would usually reply: “I don’t know…”

Then I would remind her that on such and such a date, she gave birth to me.

She would chuckle and say oh, she had too many children to remember everyone’s birthday.

Indeed, God has blessed my parents with many offsprings.

The last count I had there are 50 plus members among our siblings, their children and my grand nephews and nieces.

Like mother, like daughter…

People back home tended to use the word “photostate” to describe two people who resemble each other.

Some of my mom’s friends whom I was not familiar would often come up to me and asked if I were my mom’s daughter… for they commented that I looked just like my mom… the “photostate” kind!

Mom really rested in peace and went to be with the Lord!

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Are you lonely?

Oftentimes I do feel lonely
Sometimes I don’t know how to articulate the feeling
Basically I just feel so lost

Then one day I came across Psalm 102 which aptly expresses my heart’s cry

‘I am like a desert owl
like an owl among the ruins
I lie awake
I have become like a bird alone on a roof’

Yes, that’s how I feel at times
lonely… like a desert owl

Once I received a note from a dear friend BL
What she wrote must be spirit-led in helping me to define “loneliness”

“… Don’t be discouraged if at times you feel plagued with loneliness.
We all do. For being human is being lonely —

a loneliness that invites us to find fulfillment not in our-“self”
but in God who makes possible communion and community.”

Another friend uttered that she likes “being lonely”

“Being lonely inspires me to write and to express the thoughts of my heart;
it causes me to draw near to God,
the One who satisfies our hearts’ every desire, and more…

Yes, in times of loneliness
I do thank God for His Omnipresence
and for bringing various people from all walks of life
to travel alongside me

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Pick me up…

I was feeling a bit down and needed some pick-me-up moments

and i thank God for transporting me to this ascetic-liked place
that brought me peace and tranquility…

and hearing God’s voice through Isaiah 49:16a
“See, I have engraved you on the palms of My hand”

my spirit lifted up… like the clouds

my soul refreshed… like the sprinkling of the waterfall

i thank God for this pick-me-up moment
for in this solitude reflection
i learned again to accept life’s up and down
with humility and with grace
and was rewarded with this…

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ding dong
this humble little blog is turning one today
and here’s the first post from a year ago

to celebrate the anniversary i’ll post something down to earth which just happened recently…

a few of my gleeful friends just love to laugh at people…
they usually have quite a LOL feast when gather ’round
oh no! this time the target is me… what’s go around comes around *yikes*

see, they were flipping through old photo albums from like 20 years ago
and spotted an “old aunty” which was yours truly thus burst out laughing…LOL-ing over my once appearance & popular hairdo…*SOB*

hey, didn’t ya know it’s poor camera angle? *GRIN*

see this one, same hairdo ’round the same time but with different angle shot… the twin towers were still around then *sob*

anyhow, my dear friend Kel disliked me with short hair
during our younger days every time i came back from the salon
she would “lecture” me saying
“how many times must i tell you not to cut your hair so short”
i was like… what to do… hairstylists in general just loved trimming my hair away
and if i didn’t open my eyes & stop them, wah, i might have gone bald!

anyway, hope she’ll be delighted with my present hairdo… 20 years later ;p

guess it’s time for another hair chopping escapade to celebrate my blog’s one year old ūüėõ

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Gossip Girls…

bbf #1 called last night
asked if i had “anything” to tell her
i was like what did she want to know
canucks lost, what else?

But then she was insisting…
“are you sure you have nothing to tell me?”

i was thinking hard at what she was trying to get at…

apparently she heard from the grapevine
that certain J went to a party and brought along a bf

i was like yeah i went to a few gatherings recently
but with a bf?

but bbf #1 wasn’t convinced
after hearing more details of her gists
i told her aiya it could have been a misunderstanding lah
‘cos the person that brought a bf to the said party
could be another “J” from our church

bbf #1 still cannot be convinced…
earlier she even called up bbf #2 of ours
hoping to get some juicy news of me


when bbf #2 heard the inquiry from bbf#1
she assumed that surely yours truly had striked a match at e-harmony
thus bringing Mr. e-harmony to the said party… behind their back!

sounds like this juicy rumour of me is spreading like wild fire

oh, those gossip girls…

oh well, there’s no point in¬†teasing back and forth

so i told gossip girl #1 to go back to her source and investigate further

true enough… it was the other “J” whose having a¬†new found relationship ūüôā

*Phew* the gossip was finally put to a stop!

there… we’re eyeing on Don Taylor, the hottest sport commentator in town…

but he just refused to look our way ūüė¶

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