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Free birthday brunch

Favorite hike

Fun-cinating concert on Kayagum at


oh, what a day!




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An artistic friend was decorating the church with beautiful palm leaves; and its time again for our Children in the Sunday School to reflect on the meaning of Palm Sunday and sing praise songs related to “Hosanna”.

What exactly is the meaning of “Hosanna”?


This link from Got Question.org provides a really good explanation on the meaning of the word.


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Firework Pageants


Fireworks display is appealing and can often be seen on special occasions such as the Olympics, National holidays and the New Year countdown.

During the Lunar New Year celebration, one of the highlights for this festive season is definitely the dazzling fireworks display.

In my hometown, this is how people usually celebrated after a big feast on New Year’s Eve at 12 midnight — showing off the fireworks splendor.

Many households excitedly and simultaneously light up the town with firecrackers and fireworks.

Neighbors tend to compete with each other to see whose firework is more splendid.

It’s thrill to be in the midst of the pageant and to watch the glowing and sparkly lights flying everywhere!

And here’s an amazing aerial view of the firework displays from the past weekend CNY celebration:

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Before this February comes to an end, I would like to say a quick thank you to my fabulous family and fabulous friends for a Fabulous February.

This year, I went back to celebrate Chinese New Years and other special occasions in Asia; I had so much fun and many memorable times with my family and friends, and I felt so much…


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Everyday we are tied together with heartstrings, some we don’t even realize.

Heartstrings — it’s one’s deepest feelings normally attached to a relationship.


February is a special month to remember these heartstrings — to reflect, to appreciate, and most of all, to connect and re-connect.

First there is the Chinese New Year celebration with family reunion; and then there is Family Day, a provincial statutory holiday during this weekend.

Family Day allows us to celebrate heartstrings — whether it is our immediate family or our family in Christ.


What follow next is Valentine’s Day — the day to celebrate romantic relationships or treasured friendships; once again, tugging on our heartstrings.


Looking deeper into all our heartstrings, the centre and the reason of it all is Jesus Christ.

This “Valentine” bookmark reminds and solidifies our love with Jesus.

Because of Jesus, we are saved.

Because of Jesus we can have a heartstrings with God.


心弦 — 以基督的心为心


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What a blissful day…


to have a Ladies Social High Tea…


over tiers of delicacies with delightful patisseries, sweets, scones, savories and scented tea…


dsc_6883 (1)









prattling away…







featuring delectable goodies  everyone brought for all to indulge in!


Almond Croissants & Mini Pecan Tarts


Exotic Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Bocconcine-tomato-basil Skewers with Balsamic Glaze and Olive oil; Mini-blueberry muffins


Exceptional tasty traditional Egg Salad Sandwiches


Creamy Cream Cheese Mini Fruit Tarts


Yummy Crème Brulee  and Chocolate coated Almond


Huang’s first ever baked Cheese & Cranberry Mini Scones

and not forgetting…

Blue’s Classic Coconut Meringue Pie

Lynne’s Mouth watering Montreal smoked meat

“Martha”‘s Spicy Edamame and Juicy Grapes

Thank you “Martha” for hosting such a sweet princesses’ high tea and top-models-dress-up party. What a colorful and boisterious celebration we all had at your Casa!











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Olympic Spirit

I like the colors of the Olympic rings.

The 5 colors remind me of the “Wordless” Bible.

“Wordless” Bible is one of the methods used to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Yellow represents God is Light.
Black ~ the sins we committed.
Red ~ the blood of Jesus that washes away our sins.
Green ~ growth in the Lord.
Blue ~ Heaven.

I had used the “Fuwa 福娃” — Beijing Olympic Mascots — to share the gospel with children since the 5 mascots were dressed in those 5 colors: Beibei (blue); Jingjing (b&w); Huanhuan (red); Yingying (yellow);Nini (green).   The names of the mascots were derived from the chinese greetings “北京欢迎你 — Beijing Huanying Ni” meaning “Beijing welcomes you!”.


Last weekend was BC Civic holiday and we were praying for BC.

When the BC Flag was shown, the kids were asked if they noticed something similar as seen in London Olympics. Without hesitation, they recognized the “Union Flag” as part of the BC Flag.

If one observes closely, the Union Flag is consisted of 3 crosses that represent the patron saints of England, Ireland and Scotland.

From wiki:

The Cross of Saint Andrew with the Cross of Saint Patrick, over all the Cross of Saint George.

I also like the Olympic motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius”; from Latin meaning “Swifter, Higher, Stronger.”

Once when I was a big fan to this particular outstanding actor, the fan club wanted us to write a word of support to the actor.   Fans were to send a post card from the place that they live in, so that our respected actor would be thrilled to know that he has fans globally.   Because this actor is such a talented, passionate and mesmerizing actor, I chose “Citius, Altius, Fortius” to cheer him on.   Later,  the forum administrative team chose that motto for the actor’s home page!

A friend from England said that the Olympic spirit in England is brilliant.  I didn’t receive any postcard but was thrilled to receive these hearty gifts from her!

See ya Sochi 2014!

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Today in Sunday School we learned the meaning of

A Mari Usque Ad Mare

as seen from the Canadian Coat of Arms.

A Mari Usque Ad Mare comes from Latin meaning from “sea to sea”.

The motto is based on Psalm 72:8

“He shall have dominion also from sea to sea,
and from the river unto the ends of the earth”.

Here’s how we celebrated July 1st!

Prayer taken from “Heal our Land” booklet:

Heavenly Father,
You look down and see Canada.
You form the hearts of all and consider everything we do.
Forgive us for trusting in the prosperity of Canada
more than trusting in You.

We, as Canadian Christians,
repent on behalf of Canada for the sins that pervade our nation.
Lord, raise up a church in Canada
that reflects Your character
and displays the power of Your Sovereign Lordship.
Thank you that You reign over the nations of the world.
Thank you that You reign over Canada.
We rest in Your sovereignty today.
In Jesus’Name we pray, Amen!

Of course we remembered to bless and to pray for the First Nations,
and had fun learning about the mystery of Inukshuk!

Happy Canada Day to my two little friends as well 🙂

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