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Sitting by the dazzling waterfalls and listening to the thunderous sound of crashing water is a delightful experience. 

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Having the mist sprayed gently on the face by the breezy wind over the icy water is cooling; and it’s like being blessed in an air-conditioner room on a sizzling hot day.

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This  outdoor ambiance of lush green trees, fresh air and bright sunshine by this idyllic waterfall is soul refreshing!

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Balancing Act

A friend and I are trying to pose for a balancing act at the infamous log at Joffrey Lake

ahhhh… great attempt…, good job!


Time to relax and soak in the quietness by the awe-inspiring Matier Glacier and the surrounding alpine views.

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Sunny day, open space, empty beach,

a great day to be in solitude

and savoring the outdoor.

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Looking up, I imagined the gentle playful white clouds twirling like ballerinas in the pretty blue sky!


While marveling at the sight, I remembered a friend who studied abroad told me that the place where she lived was so polluted that there was rarely a day where she could see a clear blue sky.

At first, I couldn’t comprehend how that could be! But recently I experienced the muggy, scorching weather myself.

Due to the severe forest fires in the neighboring cities, the weather has been so hazy and smoky that it has been days since we last saw a clear blue sky. Now, I finally understand what she means.

This experience has helped me to appreciate a lovely blue sky, which I have so often taken for granted.

Taking a moment to remember the spectacular blue skies I encountered in the past month.


Peeping through the tall grasses and looking into the blue sky is most delightful.

I love the sky!

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A Beautiful and Crispy Day

Blue sky decorated with soft and pearly puffy clouds

Gentle sun ray piercing through breezy green leaves

The once vibrant green leaves are now tinged with fiery red

And it’s a bright, cool and crispy ‘morn


Ah, this is the last day of summer

and autumn foliage is in the creating

On this beautiful summer weather

I’ll adorn myself with something green…

and something red


Shimmering green cross

Striking lime green dress

Skinny red belt


So long… sun-sational Summer


Awe-inspiring Autumn is dawning…


and me dashing through T&P’s wedding!


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What a blissful day…


to have a Ladies Social High Tea…


over tiers of delicacies with delightful patisseries, sweets, scones, savories and scented tea…


dsc_6883 (1)









prattling away…







featuring delectable goodies  everyone brought for all to indulge in!


Almond Croissants & Mini Pecan Tarts


Exotic Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Bocconcine-tomato-basil Skewers with Balsamic Glaze and Olive oil; Mini-blueberry muffins


Exceptional tasty traditional Egg Salad Sandwiches


Creamy Cream Cheese Mini Fruit Tarts


Yummy Crème Brulee  and Chocolate coated Almond


Huang’s first ever baked Cheese & Cranberry Mini Scones

and not forgetting…

Blue’s Classic Coconut Meringue Pie

Lynne’s Mouth watering Montreal smoked meat

“Martha”‘s Spicy Edamame and Juicy Grapes

Thank you “Martha” for hosting such a sweet princesses’ high tea and top-models-dress-up party. What a colorful and boisterious celebration we all had at your Casa!











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O Happy Day!

I used to think that if I wanted to marvel fields and fields of sunflowers

I had to transport myself to Provence…

but not anymore!

These sunshiny, joyful and glorious flowers are in full bloom everywhere I turn!

Oh what a happy Day!

The greatest day in history
death is beaten
You have rescued me

Sing it out
Jesus is alive

The empty Cross
The empty grave
Life eternal
You have won the day

Shout it out:
Jesus is alive
He’s alive

Oh happy day, happy day
You washed my sin away
Oh happy day, happy day
I’ll never be the same

Forever I am changed

When I stand in that place
Free at last
Meeting face to face
I am Yours
Jesus You are mine

Endless joy
Perfect peace
Earthly pain finally will cease

Jesus is alive
He’s alive

Oh happy day, happy day
You washed my sin away
Oh happy day, happy day
I’ll never be the same

Forever I am changed

Oh what a glorious day
What a glorious way
That You have saved me

Oh what a glorious day
What a glorious Name

Oh happy day, happy day
You washed my sin away

Oh happy day, happy day
I’ll never be the same

Forever I am changed

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Falls for Me

Anyone driving along Sea to Sky Highway would definitely enjoy this vista cliff!

On a good sunny day, one can see a handful of rock-climbers hanging on this granite cliff.

And for the less adventurous, there’s this great hiking trail behind the cliff to the summit.

Once at the top of Stawamus Chief, the panoramic view of the surrounding mountain ranges and the valley below are breath-taking.

Beside the cliff, along the highway, is this tumbling Shannon Falls.

I love waterfalls and had been wanting to do this “Falls-for-Me” trip along the Sea to Sky highway for quite sometimes.

How delightful it was to finally able to savor these beautiful falls in its uniqueness.

Shannon Falls

Brandywine Falls

Alexander Falls

Nairn Falls

and oh have we got a treat on this fabulous trip!

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