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I enjoy being at Cedar Springs retreat center in Sumas, Washington.

It is a beautiful and inviting place; a home away from home that helps me to have a time of rest, reflection and rejoicing in the Lord!

The area is enfolded with peace-filled pray-ground and play-ground for those who want to find space with God for personal soul care.

Cast your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7)

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Ferry Ride

Enjoying a ferry ride on the calm water surrounded by greenish mountain ranges, and blue sky decorated with drifting clouds.

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The Lord anchors me!

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Sitting by the dazzling waterfalls and listening to the thunderous sound of crashing water is a delightful experience. 

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Having the mist sprayed gently on the face by the breezy wind over the icy water is cooling; and it’s like being blessed in an air-conditioner room on a sizzling hot day.

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This  outdoor ambiance of lush green trees, fresh air and bright sunshine by this idyllic waterfall is soul refreshing!

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I have been roaming along the sea to sky corridor during this summery month of July enjoying this scenic view bordered by gorgeous mountain ranges.

The sky along the sea to sky highway is often spectacular with clouds drifting gracefully and playfully forming various shapes; perfect for our guessing game about what each cloud looks like. 

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The gondola ride up the Sea-to-Sky peak is spectacular, overlooking the turquoise waters of beautiful Howe sound below .

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From the above, we could see the top of the famous Stawamus Chief. 

We have often hiked up the Chief, but spotting people looking like miniature creatures from this side of the peak was surreal.

We also visited the nearby Britannia Mind Museum, and almost everything looks huge!

While driving up to Alexander Falls, we serendipitously encountered a baby black bear who came out to graze in the clearing on a sunny afternoon.

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Blue Uke loves travelling; Uke’s owner and I made a pact that whenever either of us goes travelling, Uke comes along.

Last time, Uke went to Cuba with its owner and they even strummed a few chords for the locals and tourists by the deep blue sea.

It’s freezing cold now and Uke needs another

It lamented:


And so Uke was whisked off to the faraway island of Hawaii.

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and was thrilled to be reunited with some of its charming cousins at the tropical climate.

While basking in the sun and enjoying the waves of peace, 

Uke trolled,

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Yup, I totally agreed!

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The Forbidden City

I have seen this familiar building in movies and tv shows, so it was quite intriguing for me to visit the place in person.

The Forbidden City is also called Imperial Palaces or Gugong (故宫) which in chinese means “former palace” and now has become a palace museum. The palatial architectures were massive and impressive and I hope to watch a detailed documentary about Gugong fascinating history one day.


The distance of the palace from one end to the other (entrance to the exit) is approximately 9.5 km.

Across from the street at the exit of the Forbidden City is the beautiful Jingshan Park; Jingshan 景山公园 in chinese literally means “scenic hill park”.
Because we had been on long walking tour at the palace for the whole morning, we decided to skip Jinshan.


When a friend heard that I didn’t visit this scenic garden, she made sure to take me there as she said this gorgeous place is not to be missed. A couple of days later, she happily gave me a scooter tour of various highlights in the capital city, with a stop at Jingshan Park!

This famous park is especially pretty during the spring season as many auspicious flowers such as peonies are in full bloom; I could only imagine the beauteous.

IMG_3157 persimmons tree@ the park

Autumn, however has its alluring attraction — The roadsides were decorated in glistening gold by the ginkgo trees. The blowing wind made the little cute fan-shaped leaves fall like gentle snow and the pavement is adorned with yellow leaves — like street of gold.


Some people picked up the ginkgo fruits that dropped from the trees to use as herbal remedy.


As we ascended up to the garden hill, my friend couldn’t wait to show me the aerial view of the magnificent ancient Imperial Palaces, as well as the modern city surrounding it – a mixture of the old and the new; I could even spot the area of where our hotel was situated!


I am so glad I went up to the scenic hill ‘cos the panoramic view was indeed breathtaking from the top! As I looked at the tourists from across the street down below, I could see myself being one of those exciting crowd there just a few days ago, what a thrilling feeling!


That evening, six of us took three scooters for a ride to enjoy the vibrant night scene of Beijing and we ended our night surrounding a Korean hotpot to keep ourselves warm from the biting cold autumn weather.

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Flag Raising Ceremony

Since we stayed not too far from the Tienanmen Square, someone mentioned that we could go and witness the daily flag raising ceremony held there.


We had tried to reach there twice in a row but both times we missed the ceremony by just a few minutes. We then learned that the schedule of the flag ceremony at the Square varies each day as it is synchronized with the rising of the sun; People suggested to check the timetable online before heading out.


On our third attempt, we finally made it there before the sunrise. When we arrived there was already many tour buses letting people off at the Square. People who came a few seconds later kept pushing and shuffling and trying to squeeze and push past me to get as close as possible to the front. I was sandwiched between the eager crowd and felt like being tossed among the ocean of people.

Although many of us couldn’t get to the front, we were thankful to those who brought their selfies!! Many raised their selfie sticks with live video so those who were blocked by others could witness the actual ceremony from the selfie screen.


A live band played the national anthem as the flag was being raised and it was quite an emotional experience hearing the live music and seeing the thousands plus noisy crowd become quiet. After the flag was raised, everyone let out a loud cheer and dispersed to different corners of the Square in no time to take pictures.

Aside from tourists and school students, I noticed there were many elderly people at the square to witness the flag raising. I was told that it is every elderly wish to be at the flag raising especially at Tienanmen Square; it is like a patriotic pride to be able to witness the flag raising at the capital city. Thus many adult children who are able, help their parents who live in inner or across China make the long trip here so they can fulfill their wish.


Even though it is only a 3-min ceremony, I’ve gained interesting knowledge related to the Flag Raising Ceremony culture here. The daily flag raising ceremony also reminds me of our students lives where every week we had to gather in front of the flag pole and sang the national anthem.


The time we were in Beijing happened to be the same time US President Trump was there, and the City was colorfully decorated with many Chinese and American flags.

That evening we were treated to a very traditional local cuisine which has become rare in the fast-paced culinary world in Beijing.


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