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DSCN0473 When I’m on a road trip and I spot nice scenery, the drivers (aka my friends) will often stop (when it is safe) and allow me to hop out of the car and quickly snap a few shots. However, most of the time I can only watch the scenic view through the car window, and I am not content with that. DSCN0493 Since I have started leisure biking, I realize that I can easily hop on and off the bike to take in the beauty that surrounds me, and I can linger as long as I want. DSCN0402 Biking leisurely enables me to slow down and to be lost in the wonder of beauty. DSCN0439 DSCN0431 At every turn I make on the biking trail, I am delighted to see splendid wildflowers greeting me with joy. DSCN0432 These wildflowers which grow profusely on the trail remind me of the delicate flowers that grow lushly up in the alpine meadows. One of the reasons I enjoy hiking up the mountains in the summer is so that I can marvel at the pretty and dainty flowers that thrive the alpine meadow during their peak bloom. DSCN0440 Now that I can enjoy the vibrant wildflowers so abundantly down here;
Perhaps I really don’t have to rush up to the high mountains (huffing and puffing) to see those alpine flora. DSCN0570 When I stoop down to adore the alluring beauteous and smell their fragrance, I can also here the amazing sound of the lovely birds serenading sweetly, like a flute, from the treetop! DSCN0607 Biking has become a sanctuary to me, and every push of the peddle is a whispered prayer … thanking God and praying to Him. DSCN0624 Biking can be done in solitude, taking one’s own sweet time, or it can be done in a group which can enhance team spirit… chatting, laughing, keeping in pace with each other, riding faster to catch up with the gang or slowing down to wait on each other. And in between time, stop for a bite to regain some strength to continue on with the leisure pleasure. IMG_9122

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